We (Patrick on the left and Stephen on the right) were born and basically raised in the Midwest. I say basically because for the first part of our lives our Mom and Dad moved us all around the country seeing how our Dad was a union welder and went were the work was. We didn’t think too much of it at the time, it was just part of our “normal” life. But what it instilled in us at such a young age was the need for adventure and to experience as much of life as we can. Currently Patrick lives in Wisconsin and is balls deep in the motorcycle industry, Stephen lives in Denver and works in the marijuana industry. We stay on the move, build and race motorcycles , play video games, try to strangle people…or get strangled (jujitsu), do dumb stuff on bicycles, stomp through the wilderness …and a ton of other shit. Follow along if your interested, we’ll share our experiences and give you our thoughts on stuff we use and places we go.